This is Jacqueline's LBX. It is given the alias "Angel" & is the LBX who has both a Restriction Release Mechanism & a BIT System.


Pretty much like in the picture but its Wing Bits are attached to her back (not it the picture). Also, Seraphon has a jetpack at her back that holds the BITs. It kept the LBX afloat while battle.


Initial WeaponEdit

  • Feather Ray: a wand that shoots multiple beams at target.

Special Modes/ MechanismEdit

  • BIT System: A mechanism that allows one to control the Wing BIT at Seraphon's back. The BIT will lock-on to an enemy & attack according to the formation commmands. The BITs are consists of 4 cannon BITs & 4 Sword BITs. But later in my fanfic, it has been revealed that Jacqueline has upgraded the system; enabling the LBX to take control to about 12 cannon BITs & 12 Sword BITs.
  • Restriction Release: In this mode, Seraphon will be surrounded with 3 balls of lights. These ball will shoot projectiles at enemies while granting the LBX more defense. It also charges up BIT's attack when their attacks when through the field developed by the balls of light.
    Seraphon's wing bits

    Seraphon's Wing BITs

Attack FunctionEdit

  • Sword Dancer: A Close-ranged technique that requires Seraphon to attack a target with graceful kicks & Sword BITs & have the BITs stab the opponent LBX simutaneously as the finale.
  • Rain of Judgement: A Technique that can only be used during Restriction Release. Seraphon the jumped up to the sky. Then, the balls of light will make a gigantic field below it. Next, all of the BITs will attack the enemy, having their attacks passing through the field as they did. The opponent LBX shall be showered with a rain of beam attacks, followed by several Sword BITs piercing them as the finale.


  • The BIT System is based on the Funnel weapons in Gundam series.

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