Is a LBX making organization who secretly allied the seekers against their threats. They are line with Tiny orbit in LBX manifacturing.
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Aim and EstablishmentEdit

Its building is located at the edge of the city where Ban lives. It was built near the mountains where they have an underground secret base for the meeting of members.

Its aim and ideal is to defeat any organizations to use LBX for a bad motive. They allied the Tiny Orbit for they have the same goal. They have many  dispatched spies whom its members have special abilities. This organization is lead by Jonathan Ayala , Jinri Ayala's older brother. 


They are not easily known for they can caumoflage greatly. They can  be seen wearing black shoes or boots. These are their elite members:

- Krill Sones

- May Sones

- Jinri Ayala

- Kiara Rhollet

- Rolando Choi

- Robert Rico

Some lesser members are:

-  Rikajane Loe

- Roger Jaena

- Mary Dumangaw

- Rolando Beltran

- Joana Lacambria


- Dark Aphrodite

- Rimaru

- Medussa

- Ice Ribbon

- Oklahoma

- Fairytale

- Naturalia


'''The Piano - '''This is May's piano. When she plays the piano, everybody she wants to be hypnotised will be hypnotised. She plays 61 tones and 1000 musics on the piano.No one can play the piano, except her. If anyone dares to play the piano, he or she will be electricified, that can end up in a comma or death because it produces volts up to 100,000. The SAP made the piano just for her.

'''Ultra Ear Pick (UEP) - 'this prevents anyone wearing it being hypnotised. Any machine of hypnotism cannot affect the wearer. It was developed by Rikajane with the aid of her BFF Roger.

The Portal - this is a machine that  can bring you to any places. To activate it, press the green button then  tell the machine to what place you wanted to go.

Talking Watch - this is a special watch which  can a member can talk with the others using it eventhey are very far away.