Restriction Release is a special mechanism that has been installed into several LBX's, one being Poseidon. Restriction Release gave the user LBX a boost in abilities, just like Special Mode. But unlike them, it also grants the user LBX a special ability or removing the limit of a mechanism in them. Restriction Releases also have special recite codes that must be input into the CCM via voice commands to activate it.

Activation InputsEdit


"Restriction Code: Aquos 006 release, AB Engine activating! Restriction Release!!"- Karol.


"Restriction Code: Fulmine 003 release, UEM Engine activating! Restriction Releasing!!!"- Nu Mary.


"Restriction Code: Angel 002 releasing, BIT System Full Drive! Releasing Restriction!!!"- Jacqueline.


"Restriction Code: Savage 001 release!! Particle Engine Overdrive!! Tyahaha, let me show you despair!!! Restriction Release!!!"- Rolan Terumi.


  • The Activation Inputs are based on Blazblue's "Restriction 666 release.... Blazblue activate!!" quote.

Chong Kah How (talk) 09:20, August 3, 2012 (UTC)