Poseidon is Karol's second LBX. Upgrade & remodified from Leviathan by the Neptunius Family. It inherited all of Leviathan's abilities & also one of the LBX which have the Restriction Release Mechanism in them.

Poseidon with its lance


Like Leviathan, it have turquiose fins & a blue armor. But as a addition, this LBX has a different tail, additional fins at its head & more mechanical like features. It also have a somewhat a bit different colour-scheme than Leviathan & a Restriction strip on its chest to connects to the back.

And when Restriction Release is activated, the strip will disconnected from the front & spread to the back. Not only that, Poseidon's fin will enlarged, just like Leviathan in Aquajet Mode. At this time, Poseidon can also move swiftly.

Poseidon's torso (back). On the Right is when Restriction Release is on.


Initial WeaponEdit

  • Jet Trident (a trident with rockets equppied)
  • Leviathan's Fang

Special Modes/MechanismEdit

  • Restriction Release: In this mode, Poseidon can move swiftly like Leviathan in its special mode. But in addition, it can control water around 15 cm radius, making it possible to damage & trap opponent's LBX with water & enchaned weaponry. But this LBX can only control water when it is present, which can be a disadvantage so Poseidon's Attack Functions are set to spout out water as they are unleashed.

Attack FunctionEdit

  • Tri-Splash Lance: A Lance throwing techique that lanches 3 water lance simultaneously.
  • Levia-Surge Spread: An upgrade version of Leviathan's Levia-Surge. Poseidon does some of the moves of Levia-Surge but added some dash-through attacks, heavy slams & throws. This attack ends with Poseidon dives down thowards the opponent form above, crushing the target with head of the lance & it's feet.
  • Atlantis Banisher: A technique that can be used during Restriction Release. In this technique, Poseidon attacks its target with several fists, punches & lances attacks before jumps into the air, using the target as a platform & launching the target to the ground. It then throws its lance onto the ground (onto the target), creating a magic circle that reveals the Lost City of Atlantis below water. Soon, the enemies in the magic circle will be damaged by a torrential blast of water that came shooting out of the circle.


  • Leviathan (predesessor)


  • This LBX's name is based on the god, Poseidon.
  • The Attack Function, Atlantis Banisher is made based on this stupid question "Why did Atlantis exist underwater? Did someone sink it?"

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