This is Rolan Terumi's LBX which holds the alias "The Green Devil". It also has a Restriction Release Mechanism & a Particle Engine


As shown in the picture on the right. But under its 'tie' is the core of the Particle Engine & the green parts on its leg, shoulder, side of belly, hand & arm is where the NG Particle can materialize into weapons that can be both attached to the body or the other way around.

Special Modes/MechanismEdit

  • NG Particle Engine: This Mechanism can produce about 3 NG Particle per second & control it according to the user's will. The Particle can form weapons but requires a certain amount of particles to do it. Also, the particles can't turned back into its nano-sized form. Karol considered this the most annoying mechanism due to the fact it can used in self-regeneration as well.
  • Restriction Release: In this mode, Ouroboros will take off its hat revealing more "hair". Also, the Particle Engine will now function at its maximum potential & can now produce about 7 NG Particle per second. This also makes it possible to form a simple LBX in a short time but Rolan Terumi prefers to create a small serpent robot with a spiky body that float in mid-air & attacks opponents automatcally.

Attack FunctionEdit

  • Frenzy Slicer: Ouroboros materializes blade-weaponry at all possible areas on its body then charges towards the enemy & slice-dice it.
  • Tiny Atomic Bomb: A technique that be used during Restriction Release. It involves Ouroboros gathering all particles at one point to make a tiny atomic bomb. The bomb will unleashed a wide-radius explosion & the site of explosion will be covered in green spikes.


  • The Particle Engine idea is from Gundam 00's GN Particle & the fact particle can be found in solid.

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