The Order of Quatro is a nuetral organization that judges everything that is crucial in the world.

Achievement & HistoryEdit

This group has been discussing on issues related to the world since the long past & lately, they had observed the value of LBX & concluded that it is passable to let LBX continues to expand but there is need for a "god" to make correction the world if it's ever gone on the wrong path & that god is the demi-god LBX, Norse. But soon after the development of Norse, it went berserk & deem the world as curropted & needs to be reset. This causes the Group to seal it & split its important components, named Soul Units all over the world.


All official members of this group are consists of the head of 4 families & some of its family members; both blood-related & not. Among the known families are:

Neptunius FamilyEdit

  • Tranquillo Neptunius (Old Head of Neptunius): A nice, wise & wheelchaired bounded old man who felt guilty with his involvement with the creation of Norse. He also seems to have saved Karol while he stayed in his vacation home & seems to taken a grandson-type liking on the boy.
  • Richard Balmiss (Butler of Neptunius): The loyal & old butler of the Neptunius family; also the best friend of Tranquillo. He assists his master in anyway he could but sometimes he have to rely on Karol, a boy who he calls "Young Master Benjamin" to get works done.
  • Benjamin Neptunius

Fiamma FamilyEdit

  • Isamu Fiamma (Head of Fiamma): A wise, strict adult man whose father once involve in the creation of Norse. He seems to have shown a concerned face whenever he spots his adoptive son, Tsuyoshi.
  • Tsuyoshi Gerald Fiamma

Terranian FamilyEdit

Sylphian FamilyEdit


  • The orgization have the technology to do research on Soul Units & test the synchronation between LBXs & its owner. In addition, they can detect the whereabouts of the Soul Units if they released enough energy to do so.
  • They can also developed numerous high-tech technology like cloning, space-travel & so on but it seems they have hidden these facts & deem these technology 'forbidden' in order to perserve the world's order.

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