Tsuyoshi's final LBX & also the demi-god BX created by the Order of Quatro. It has many function that was considered 'impossible'. One including recreating the whole into a space where humans were 'injected' into their LBX. In addition, this unit have a spirit of its own. Plus, Soul Units are this LBX's function containers.


Norse has a total of 3 forms:

  • 1st form- being attached to a giant machine with many large gears. It's appearance looks like a cloaked, slim LBX with a face shown. In this form, Norse can't move but can fires laser from the mechanism that it was attached to.
  • 2nd form- have wings & markings on itself & somewhat big in size. Also, it can shoot out large projectiles, made lighting bolts fall & summoned a giant sword attack enemy.
  • 3rd form- have large, purple beam wings & have a smaller body. Woid can be seen shooting out of it. It can shifted its wings into shapes to attack enemies & produce clones for bombing or attacking. It also inherited its 2nd form's projectile shooting & lighting summoning skills. This form was created when Tsuyoshi gave his soul & body to Norse; creating this twisted form. Tsuyoshi noted that this is what humans did to the world, as in corrupting it.

Attack FunctionEdit

  • Thor's Hammer: Summon a few incredibly large lighting bolts to strike the field.
  • Chaos Divinity: Unleashed a large explosion of void that covered the entire field, damaging enemies severly & possibly send them into the void.


  • Norse's name is based on the "Norse mythology".