This is Nu Mary's LBX. It was given the nickname "Iron Maiden". It also one of the LBX which bears a Restriction Release Mechanism & the only one LBX to used Electromagnetic weaponries.



Nirvana's motif is a formally dress lady. Its main colouring is yellow for its "hair" & purple for the entire body. It has only an eye on its face & in addition to two gigantic arms which claws which are equipped with electromagnetic cannons. Nirvana doesn't walk but float in mid-air, like LBX Queen Models. Not only that, between its torso & skirt is powerful eletromagnetic dispense which can be used create a huge electromagnetic explosion. Because of its weaponry, Nirvana was given an electromagnet-proof armor.

Special Modes/MechanismEdit

  • Restriction Release: In this mode, Nirvana will not much of its consume energy to unleashed electromagnetic weapons & will also coats itself with a electric barrier.

Attack FunctionEdit

  • Don Quixote: Nirvana charges her claws with electromagnetic energy & then charges toward its enemy. Then, it will dealt a series of claws attacks which ended with a claw spinning attack.
  • Pila Fulmine: Nirvana generates a gigantic electromagnetic ball from its main eletromagnetic energy core (between torso & leg) & throws it at her enemy.
  • Machina Bomb: An attack that can be used only once in battle, due to the fact, it will deplete all energy if do so. Nirvana will charges up its main electromagnetic energy core then unleashed a large-radius explosion that destroys any enemy with comes in contact with the electromagnetic field.


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