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Is Jinri's first LBX developed by SAP. This LBX is considered as a monster for it eats the opponent's LBX and is never again used by the opponents.


It has many orange snakes on its head and a green and yellow green bdy with orange. It has a yellow green and orange spear with 4 snakes.

Special Modes and MechanismEdit

Immortal Mode - Medussa became orange in color.Its speed, agility and attack functions power increases.Its snakes on the head gets bigger.

Attack FunctionsEdit

Snake Attack - the snakes on its staff gets larger and attack directly to the enemy, eating the enemy's parts.

Gorgon Bite - Its fangs appear and jump towards the enemy and started eating it.

Hypno eyes - it hypnotises the enemy, even the LBX user got hypnotised.