Leviathan & its spear

Leviathan is Karol Reef Aeon 's first LBX. Designed & developed by TRAL. An LBX which specialized in both land & seas combat.


Leviathan have an light blue colouring & cerulean blue lining. It also have a few features on its arms which resembles those on a sea dragon, making it look like it is wearing an amor with turqiouse fins.


Initial WeaponEdit

  • Leviathan Fang (Spear)
  • Neptune's Trident (Special Weapon)

Special Modes/MechanismEdit

  • Aquajet Mode: Leviathan's fin will enlarges & its speed will increased dramatically; even more if its underwater.

Attack FunctionEdit

  • Aqua Tower: Create a tower of water that damages the enemy
  • Levia-Surge: Dash straight forward & in a flash, damages enemy with claws & lance attack in the dash route. Finally, Leviathan will launches a retreating drop kick on the target, leaving it airborne. The target will suffer the damage afterwards.



  1. This unit is based on the myth, Leviathan.

Chong Kah How 06:49, July 24, 2012 (UTC)