LBX Olympic is an tournament like Artemis but even greater for it also includes special events.

Tournament RulesEdit

  1. Tournament Rules is just like in Artemis & Aquaroad.
  2. The Tournament will be held for about a week.
  3. Conclusion: It's just like the Olympics but the events doesn't involve medals & most the events a are just for contestants to earn points to advance to the finals. One can chose to participate in an event or not. Those with the low mark will be disqualified at Disqualification Announcements until futher notice.

2051 LBX OlympicsEdit

Location: Old Brittian City, London


Prize: 3.5 million dollar US, The title "LBX Knight" given by the Queen of England, A place at the Hall of Fame, Phoenix Wing Emblem (LBX Part)


Day 1Edit

  • Opening Ceremony
  • 1-1 Tournament
  • City Marathon 10km

Day 2Edit

  • Team Tournament
  • 1-1 Special Field Tournament
  • City Marathon 30km
  • Disqualification Announcement

Day 3Edit

  • Team Special Field Tournament
  • City Marathon 50 km
  • Battle Royale Tournament

Day 4Edit

  • Disqualification Announcement
  • Revival Tournament
  • 1-1 Tournament Deluxe

Day 5Edit

  • Team Tournament Deluxe
  • City Marathon Deluxe
  • Finalist Annoucement

Day 6 (Final)Edit

  • City Marathon: Finalist Celebration Special
  • Finalist Tournament



  • This Tournament can be particpate by all fan-made character & the winner is by votes so joined in :D!!!

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