Krill is a protagonist and an LBX  player.He was Kousche Kamiya's Arch  Rival

Krill Sones


He is a young, pale slim young man of an average height.He  has black hair. He has a yellow  eye on the left and a red eye  on the right. He  has a blue jacket outside  of a white T-shirt and dog tag. He wears jeans and a black belt.

Personality and BackgroundEdit

He is a quiet  person and likes to be alone all the time. He is overprotective of his younger sister, May, and highly intelligent in science and technology. His eyes are originally color red. His other eye became yellow when he first used his powers. His secret possesive powers is that he can control minds of people and machinery. He has a tragic past. His parents died at the Tokio Bridge Accident. He and his younger sister were adopted by a misterious  company called Seekers Affiliation Port or SAP . There they were trained as LBX Players.

CCM and LBXEdit

His CCM  is likea touch screen cellphone which is color blue. His LBXs are listed below:
IMG 082014 0849

His Blue CCM with an LBX Logo at the back

Dark Achilles - He got it when he won  a prize at  the LBX Shop. He  was looking at  his book when Juniorichi Yamano exchanged his prize for an LBX. Literally he was shocked in seeing that his  prize was gone.

Zeus - The NICS made this LBX from a crystal Blue Diamond just for him.

Killer Droid Taurosus - He built it by enlarging some of the armour  frames of Zeus and Dark Achilles and repainting them.


"I prefer to be alone. I hated having friends. They are all afraid of me because of my powers. Even they beg for mercy, I WON'T LISTEN!!!! - Krill shouting at Hiro

"i don't  know why I have this power.But  this  is not  important.The most important thing for me is family. No more, no less" - He told Kousche after defeating him.   

Krill Sones

Krill Sones


Krill Alexander Sones








Student,Cyberlance Test Player


Dark Achilles,Zeus,Killer Droid Taurosus


Half American,Half Japanese