These are parts of a mysterious machine made by the Seekers Affiliation Port or SAP. These parts give an LBX a Speacial Mode called Spiritual Mode which kills an enemy with only one shot of its weapon. However a player must say something just like a password to activate it. Then, the player thows it and the part will attach itself to the LBX.

IMG 082114 0854

Angel's Wings ( Hidden by Rikajane )

IMG 082114 0855

Golden Crown ( Hidden by Jinri )

Password: Life will disppear, earth will crumble, forsake     Password: I'm an Angel with a Shotgun fighting till THE GOLDEN CROWN!!! Salute!!!                                     the wars won. I don't care if heaven won't take                                                                                                 me back!

IMG 082114 0856

Heart Wings ( Hidden by May )

IMG 082114 0857

Green Nature ( Hidden by Krill )

Password: The greenery of the green. I will find you          Password: Calling, the Queen of Hearts!

whenever you are. YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T


IMG 082114 0858

Ocean Blue ( Hidden by Jin )

IMG 082114 0859

Flame of Heaven (Hidden by Roger)

Password: Heaven falls because it beholds, A                   Password: From the deepest of the of the blue

terror has striken you                                                         ocean this monster shall appear!

IMG 082114 0860

Blaze Dragon ( Hidden by Rolando )

   Password: Face the fierce (he says the enemy's name) you shall be destroyed by me!