This is Tsuyoshi's first LBX & the temporary host for Norse. It's full potential is unknown but it do bears a Gunpowder Dispenser.
Dictator Blazer


Dictator Blaze's motif is an one-eyed samurai. Its Gunpowder Dispenser is located between its torso & legs (the two dark yellow armor piece). Also, because of this dangerous mechanism, Dictator Blaze is given an armor that can resist a portion of explosion force.


Initial WeaponEdit

  • Bakutetsu (Long Katana)

Special Modes/MechanismEdit

  • Gunpowder Dispenser: It is a mechanism that produce small-particle gunpowder around the area around it or just shoot them to an area near it.

Attack FunctionEdit

  • Bakuhatsu Rengeki: A deadly techique that involves Dictator slashing its opponents with its sword with several extreme swordmanship skills. The slashing ends with the LBX slam its opponent down to the ground where gunpowder has been spreaded. The gunpowders will then explodes, creating a field of flames.


  • This LBX is based on Matsunaga Hisahide's fighting sytle (Sengoku Basara 3 Utage).