Aquaroad is an LBX Tournament held at Singapore's Oceana Coliseum. This tournament participants are mostly South-east Asia.

Tournament Rules & SpecialsEdit

  1. Tournament rules are similiar to the ones in Artemis
  2. Special events that didn't include fighting are added as a part of the Tournament. The events shall be annouced only at the event.
  3. New fields, such as an underwater field & a Thailand temple grounds are the Tournament's main fields. Obstacles are added into the field & player may used them to their advantages as well.

2051 Aquaroad (Debut)Edit

Champion: Karol Reef Aeon

Prize: Jet Wave 2000 (A chip that increases a LBX's speed & agility)

Special EventsEdit

  • Splash Road: Collector- This special events took place at a obtacle course that streachs out to the sea. It also serves as the preliminary events. Each team sends a player to participate & each match will have 8-9 players. In this event, players themselves will have to move to monitor thier LBX's. At the end of course, there are some baton that must be taken back to the starting line to earn points. Player LBX can attack each other to steal batons & can take alternative routes like water routes. The participants with the least points after the time limit (15 minutes) shall be eliminated from the tournament. Note that there are nets & water gates at the end of the track to prevent LBX's to fall into the ocean.
  • Naval Battle: Beater- This special event took place at a special battlefield & serves as the semi-finals for the tournament. Each team sends one player to play & the time limit with be 5 minutes. Player must attack the dummy LBX appeared on the field to gain points. Players can also attack other players to earn points but if attack was defended they will lose some points to the defending player. 2 teams with the least points will be eliminated from the tournament, leaving only 6 teams to advance to the finals.



  • Karol Reef Aeon
  • Ban Yamano
  • Hiro Oozora
  • Fatimah Aya binti Fatanah (Team CC)
  • Apichart Hiy (Team Devaraja)
  • Benjie Bughaw (Team Fillipino Navy)


  • Karol Reef Aeon
  • Ban's Team
  • Hiro's Team
  • Team Devaraja
  • Team Culture Clash (Team CC)
  • Team Fillipino Navy


  • This Tournament has a lot of stalls & outside restaurants situated outside of the stadium which sells SEA cuisines like Nasi Goreng, Satay& Durian.

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